Quizforkidz is a teacher & counselor-created platform which provides fun, interactive and educational cognitive behavioral homeworks, psychoeducational tools, games, quiz, videos for kids to use under the guidance of their counselors, parents and teachers, aiming to behaviorally trained age between 4 to 14 children towards positivity and beneficial behaviors. The tools are tailor made to each child according to their developmental stage. Tools will collect basic personal information and if you would not like Quizforkidz to collect personal data, please click _____. To learn more about the author and how the site was created please read the _______.

How to use Quizforkidz.com:

Quizforkidz.com is designed to provide psychoeducation to children, parents and teachers around the world.

The navigation features of the website are simple and straightforward. The homepage provides links to 12 major negative emotions that every kid may come across: Anxious, Anger management, Argumental, Attention-deficit, Autism, Culture-related, Depressed,  Drug-related, Emotion-driven, Imaginary, Obsession, Stressor & Trauma related.

To learn more about using Quizforkidz.com please read our ______term . To learn more about our privacy practices, please read our ______.

PC minimum requirements:

Quizforkidz supports the current releases of Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge web browsers as well as Internet Explorer version *8 and up.  Additionally, many games require version 12 of the free Adobe Flash Player.

Mobile device minimum requirements:

Quizforkidz works on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. We currently support iOS and Android devices including Amazon Kindle.

Supported mobile OS versions:

• Android version 5
• iOS version 8
• Fire OS version 4.5